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Davey & Florey provides a wide range of consulting services that draw technical skills and in-depth knowledge of staff on organizational and business issues which include among others:


Auditing & Assurance Services

We provide Statutory Audit Services.  This involves expressing an opinion on whether financial statements show a true and fair view of the operations of the organization, Governmental organizations to third parties and other external stake holders. We also offer services of external evaluation of projects, programmes or investments undertaken by Government at Ministry, District or Local levels when tasked to do so.


We have an elaborate audit programmes and methodologies tailored to each specific line of business.


Taxation services

We provide tax advisory services including but not limited to tax planning, corporate and personal tax computations, tax negotiation with tax authorities on behalf of our clients, and processing of tax returns.


Financial services

We offer financial consultancy services such as;


  •     Carrying out financial analysis and personal financial advice and guidance to businesses and individuals in making investment decisions.
  •     Assess the economic performance of companies and industries for firms and institutions with money to invest.
  •     Act as securities analysts and investment analysts, can work for investment banks, insurance companies, mutual and pension funds,
        securities firms, the business media, and other businesses, helping them make investment decisions or recommendations.
  •     Read company financial statements and analyze commodity/service prices, sales, costs, expenses, and tax rates in order to determine a
        company’s value and to project its future earnings.
  •     Perform budget, cost, and credit analysis as part of their responsibilities.
  •     Personal financial advisors assess the financial needs of individuals. Advise on tax laws and insurance to recommend financial options to
  •     Provide tax advice to firms
  •     Business Plans and Project proposal writing
  •     Budgeting and Cash flows Monitoring and Control
  •     Financial management systems


Human Resource Consultancy

We also provide Human Resource consulting services specializing in recruitment, training and placement and other related areas.


Our skills and expertise cover a wide range of human resource activities and initiatives.  We design programs to meet specific organizational needs.  We help organizations increase their productivity through better utilization of human resources.


Systems Designs

We design and implement systems for companies/organizations in accounting, finance, human resources, fleet management and auditing tools like ACL.


I.T consultancy

We provide IT solutions for businesses.  With a team of staff who are specialists in information technology audit, implementation, risk management, application advisory, software development and analysis.  We help to document IT strategies and undertake IT audits to help in evaluation of IT security and configuration issues.  We can provide user-friendly documentation for own software applications or for those created by other software developers.


Training programs

It is becoming increasingly difficult for competitive organization to survive today without constant training of its staff. Training is a must to meet the demands and challenges of an ever-changing work environment. Training is also essential to build a foundation of highly effective people equipped with relevant skills. Davey and Florey Associates offers training for corporate and public entities to help them continually achieve their organizational targets.


We design and develop training options which are tailored to meet specific needs of our customers after critical analysis of their level of performance with specific performance indicators.


To ensure maximum skill transfer a number of methods are used. These include; role-plays, group work involving simple exercises, presentations, experiential (analysis of experience); guided reading, case studies, programmed instruction (computerized), lectures and discussion groups among others.


Human Resource Development services

All business operations can be reduced to three words: People, Product and Profits. But people come first. Unless you have a good team you can’t do much with the rest.

Human Resource is a key requirement in every organization. People are the key to every high performing organization. Recruiting the right people is at the fore of any highly performing organization.

Our skills and expertise cover a wide range of HR activities and initiatives. The programmes we design are developed to meet specific organizational and individual needs.  Davey and Florey Associates is committed to helping organizations, companies and institutions increase their productivity through better use of their human resources and to enable our clientele achieve real competitive advantages with their existing staff.

Among some of our key services are:


  1.     Staff recruitment and selection
  2.     Job analysis, evaluation and grading
  3.     Developing personnel manuals and Terms of service
  4.     Attitudinal surveys for effective performance.
  5.     Manpower planning.
  6.     Developing Orientation systems
  7.     Performance Measurement.
  8.     Culture change Management


  •     Conflict resolution and Management.
  •     Staff Capacity building and development
  •     Designing Compensation and reward systems


Organization Development Services

As your organization grows and changes, you may not have time, as you would wish to review your strategic position in the market place or the relevance of your organization structure. Yet it may be necessary to restructure your organization to ensure that you have the right structure geared to meet your goals.


At Davey and Florey Associates, we work with you to understand the strengths and weaknesses of your structure and systems. We shall help you design the right structure to achieve both short term and long-term objectives of your organization.


In particular, we are able to do the following:

    Organizational review and institutional evaluation

    Strategic business planning & development

    Leading and managing the change process

    Establishing a performance management culture

    Organization Restructuring

    Total Quality Management


Research services

“The days of the intuitive manager are gone” Peter F. Drucker


Good decision-making in any organization today necessitates Research. Businesses and organizations need valid and reliable research results to verify assumptions underlying their decisions. Moreover, the organization of research requires more than just the skill of carrying out a research. It involves creating teams and steering a process to come to reliable research results within the given time and budgeting limitation. Key skills required are, knowing about failure and process elsewhere, avoiding unnecessary and unproductive effort and above all, achieving a clear understanding of the problem to be addressed.


Our expertise in conducting client-driven research coupled with extensive research network, based on our resources and our diverse experience are highly appreciated by the clients that have utilized our services. Our core focus includes both extensive expertises in the field of consumer goods and services as well as specific experience with many other industries


Our services range from producing a single tailor-made report on a specific industry to designing and implementing a full-scale strategic evaluation of a market opportunity or new business development plan. Typical business planning objectives that our research and analysis help achieve are:

1 Brand and Identity Surveys, Salary Surveys and Customer Satisfaction

2 Feasibility studies

3 Executive summaries, market overviews, management alerts

4 Market analysis, reviews and monitoring

5 Competitor intelligence and benchmarking

6. Data analysis for organizations


Management Support Services

Davey and Florey Associates realize that many organizations need business aids to remain competitive. That is why we have a department to serve as direct support to organizations by offering:


    Management and business books

    Management tapes (audio & visual)

    Annual management planners

    Effective Manager’s diary

    Leading business and management magazines

    Annual brand surveys

    Motivational Key note speeches.

    Inspirational Newsletters


Follow Up Services

We visit clients on regular basis to assess their progress in the implementation of our recommendations on completion of engagement.  We work on specific objectives with clearly established outcomes and timing contributing to client’s business goals.


Corporate Secretarial

We provide corporate Secretarial to clients who require the services.


Consultancy Service Sectors

We provide our services to a wide range of sectors as below:


  •     Manufacturing
  •     Schools and educational institutions
  •     Trading and Non trading Businesses
  •     Professional services and Agencies
  •     Banking, Financial and Micro-Finance institutions, insurances
  •     Public sector organizations
  •     Non-governmental organizations
  •     Projects
  •     Hotels and hospitality organizations
  •     Travel and Transport Business
  •     Receivers and Liquidators
  •     Other related entities that require our services.



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